At the beginning, there was only one people.
Then, one more people joined, and more,
some time later, we became a strand of thread.

Knitting is fun.
Bonding is fascinating.

Today, we are bonding.

3 Specialties of Ichioka

Yarn to Fabric

Our mainly business is dealing in yarn and fabric for clothing. We mainly sells cut and sew; sell various kinds of yarn to knitting factory and sell the fabric as wholeseller.
Mr.Ichioka who used to work in the spinning mill buys yarn , controlls knitting dying and selling by him self.
He produces various original yarn with his experience of dealing in materials, knowledge of the production, process and the way of producing. This phase is the first and the most important business of Ichioka Co.,ltd.
In addition, making the original grey fabrics with original yarn above-mentioned, then dye and sell them as the designated original fabric made in Japan. We hope our challenge can be helped to cheer up valuable Japanese domestic textile industry.



About the fabrics of 市岡㈱, we are manufacturing and selling fabrics to every kind of fashion brand and most of them are order-made fabrics. We make every endeavour to satisfy every wish of our customers.

President of 市岡㈱ whose specialty starts from textile industry, he makes use his enormous knowledge in material of fabrics and weaving to create products that customers can actually see they are more special and different from other manufacturers.

Our members have expertise in various fields of making fabric, some of them are good at jacquard, skillful in special printing effects or well-trained in making ladies clothes designs, trousers or sportswear…etc. Members we gathered together in here have their unique skill, none of them are having same characteristic. According to our president, that is why it is interesting.

Cilent may ask "Could you do this kind of fabric?", "We never made this before but we will give it a shot!" is our reply.
A normal conversation we always can hear.

Even if it might be a very challanging task, there must be someone nearby who can be the supporting power. Every members here has their expertise and everyone of them are giving their best to create fabrics.

ジャパングローブ 株式会社ベースペース

Textile Production・ Promotion

We make client's needs come true with our strong point, such as planning, presentation, production and logistics.
We are not selling only cut & sew but also flat knitting and woven fabric for all generation.

- Planning and Development
We update the latest season's trend of materials and designs, based on authentic researches and analysis, then provide customised plans and ideas to every single customer expeditiously.

- Manufacturing
In order to provide high quality products with accurate and satisfying costs, we select factories to make according to the products from the network of cooperation and affiliated factories located in Japan and abroad. And we can offer good quality and cost merit that customers can be satisfied.

- Logistic
We can achieve accurate and quick delivery, by unifying and managing the factory and material procurement.

株式会社ワンステップ 株式会社アミアズ ジャパングローブ 株式会社ノア 株式会社ピュア


株式会社ワンステップ 株式会社アミアズ ジャパングローブ 株式会社ベースペース 株式会社ノア 株式会社ピュア